Arm Strength Test - Horizontal - Static

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Section 9 - Arm Strength Test - Horizontal - Static

This test is used to evaluate the strength of the arms due to horizontal forces applied by pushing and pulling. The test applies to samples with at least one arm. The sample will be secured without inhibiting movement of the arms. If the sample has two arms, both arms will be tested. A 1 inch loading device will be attached to the arm close to the apparent weakest point to initially apply a horizontal force. Each arm will be tested for two loads with a pushing and a pulling force each applied for one minute. For arms less than 35 in. across, a load of 100 lb. will be applied. For arms greater than 35 in. across, a load of 133 lb. will be applied. In the same order, a load of 150 lb. will be applied if less than 35 in. or a load of 200 lb. if greater than 35 inches.