Bursting Strength of Textile Fabrics-Diaphragm Bursting

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Bursting Strength of Textile Fabrics-Diaphragm Bursting

Test Method:
    · ASTM D3786

Strength Tester Method, ASTM International

Scope: Describes the measurement of the resistance of textile fabrics to bursting using a hydraulic or pneumatic diaphragm bursting tester.

  • Clamp under the tripod, drawing the specimen taut across the plate
  • Start machine and allow diaphragm to expand until fabric bursts
  • Record results


Burst Strength Testing of Fabrics

Test Method(s):
    · ASTM D6797

ASTM D6797, Bursting Strength of fabrics - Constant Rate of Extension (CRE) Ball Burst Test, ASTM International

Scope: Determines the measurement for bursting strength using a CRE tensile machine with a ball burst attachment.

  • Place specimen without tension in the ring clamp and fasten securely
  • Start machine and continue until the specimen bursts
  • Record results