Colorfastness to Light Testing (AATCC 16)

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Colorfastness to Lightfastness Testing

Test Method(s):
    · AATCC Test Method 16 - Option 3

AATCC Test Method 16, Colorfastness to Light - Option 3

Scope: Determines the general principles and procedures which are currently in use for determining the colorfastness to light of textile materials.

  • Sample is placed in a testing mask with part of the sample exposed and part covered as a control
  • The testing mask is loaded in a weather-o-meter holder and placed in a rack in the weather-o-meter for exposure
  • Sample is exposed to a customer requested amount of AATCC fading units (hours)
  • Color change of the sample is evaluated


Machine Specifications:

  • Atlas Ci 3000+ Weather-O-meter
  • Xenon Arch Lamp, Continuous Light, Black Panel Option
  • Horizontal Specimen Rack using SL-3T (70x145x3mm) Specimen Holders, Rack Capacity = 20