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Colorfastness to Non-Chlorine Bleach Testing

Test Method(s):
    · AATCC Test Method 172
    · AATCC/ASTM Test Method TS-001

AATCC Test Method 172, Colorfastness to Non-Chlorine Bleach in Home Laundering

Scope: Designed to evaluate the colorfastness to non-chlorine bleach in home laundering of textiles which are expected to withstand frequent laundering. The fabric color changes resulting from the non-chlorine bleach, detergent solution and abrasive action of five home launderings are evaluated.

  • Sample is laundered with ballast with exposure to non-chlorine bleach and detergent solution and dried
  • Color change of the sample is evaluated


AATCC/ASTM Test Method TS-001, Quick Methods for Colorfastness to Chlorine and Non-Chlorine Bleach

Scope: Liquid spot test

  • A drop of non-chlorine bleach is placed on sample for 5 minutes and then rinsed
  • Color change of the sample is evaluated