Moisture Management Tester (AATCC 195)

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Moisture Management Tester (MMT)

Test Method(s):
    · AATCC 195

AATCC 195, Liquid Moisture Management Properties of Textile Fabrics

Scope: Method is for the measurement, evaluation and classification of liquid moisture management properties of textile fabrics. The test method produces objective measurements of liquid moisture management properties of knitted, woven and nonwoven textile fabrics.

  • A sample is placed between upper and lower electrical sensors with concentric pins.
  • A test solution is dropped on to the surface and electric conductivity is measured.
  • The test solution moves freely in 3 directions:
    • Radial spreading on the top surface
    • Movement through the specimen from top surface to bottom surface
    • Radial spreading on the bottom surface
  • Several Measurements can be taken such as:
    • Wetting Time Top
    • Wetting Time Bottom
    • Top Absorption Rate
    • Bottom Absorption Rate
    • Top Max Wetted Radius
    • Bottom Max Wetted Radius
    • Top Spreading Speed
    • Bottom Spreading Speed
    • Accumulative One-way Transport (R)
    • Overall Liquid Moisture Management Capability (OMMC)
  • This method may not be applicable to coated, laminated or complex fabric constructions
  • This method may not be applicable to specimens exhibiting high overall absorbent capacity such as terry cloth or other thick knitted and woven fabrics.
  • Fabrics with a linear symmetry such as ribbed knits or fabrics with repellent finishes may exhibit   irregular spreading patterns.