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Yarn, Fabric and Garment Analysis

Test Method(s):
    · ASTM D 1059 & 2260 - Yarn, Denier & Filament
    · ASTM D 3661 (modified) - Staple Length
    · ASTM D 3887 - Needle/Course Count/ Spinning Type
    · ASTM D 1423 &2260 - Twist in Yarns
    · AATCC/ASTM Test Method-002 - Fabric Construction

Test Method(s) - Yarn Package Only:
    · ASTM D 2256 - Statimat
    · ASTM D 1907/1578 - Yarn Number/Brush by Skein Method
    · ASTM D 3108 - Friction
    · ASTM D 2259-02 - Shrinkage of Yarns in Skein
    · ASTM D 1425-81 (modified) - Unevenness Tester

ASTM D 1059-01 & 2260-03, Yarn Count, Denier Count, & Filament Count of Yarns


Scope: To determine the yarn number and filament count of all types of yarns

Click on this link Yarn Calculator, for converting different yarn numbering systems



ASTM D 3661-79, Modiffied Staple Length of Fiber


Scope: To determine the population of staple length of fiber.




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ASTM D 3887-96 - Needle Count/Course Count

Needle Count

Scope: To determine number of wales loops per unit distance and course loops per unit distance.





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ASTM D 1423-02 & 2260-03 Twist in Yarns by Direct-Counting Method

Twist Tester

Scope: To Determine the amount and direction of twist/TM in single or plied yarns.



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ASTM D 3887-96(04) Spinning Type

Air Jet Spinning

Scope: To determine type of spinning used to produce yarn.



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AATCC/ASTM Test Method-002-Fabric Construction/PPI (pick per inch)

PPI (Pick Per Inch)

Scope: Determines components of fabric/garment.



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ASTM D 2256-02 Breaking Load (Strenth) and Elongation of Yarn by the Single Strand Method


Scope: Determines breaking load and elongation of monofilament, multifilament and spun yarns.







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ASTM D 1907-80 Yarn Number by the Skein Method
ASTM 1578-93 Breaking Load (Strength of Yarn by Skein Method

Skein Method

Scope: Determines yarn numbers and strength in all type of yarns in package form



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ASTM D 3108-07 Coefficient of Friction, Yarn to Metal

Friction Meter

Scope: Determines measurement of kinetic frictional properties of a moving yarn in contact with a solid material.



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ASTM D 2259-02 Shrinkage of Yarns in Boiling Water or Dry Heat


Scope: This method covers the determination of shrinkage of yarns in skein form when immersed in boiling water or exposed to dry heat for specific time periods.



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ASTM D 1425-81 (modified) Unevenness of Textile Strands

DS 65

Scope: Records indirect measurement of unevenness of textile strands by means of continuous runs on DS-65.