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Antimicrobial testing
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Antimicrobial Tests:

AATCC 100 Accredited ISO/IEC 17025

  • Antibacterial Finishes

Natick Specification

  • Antibacterial Finishes: Natick Clarification for testing AATCC100

AATCC 147 Accredited ISO/IEC 17025

  • Antibacterial Parallel Streak

ASTM E2149 Accredited ISO/IEC 17025

  • Antimicrobial Activity (Shaker Flask Method)

JIS L 1902:2008

  • Antibacterial Activity and Efficacy on Textile Products

ISO 20743:2013

  • Determination of Antibacterial Activity of Antibacterial Finished Products - Textiles

ASTM 2180

  • Determining the Activity of Incorporated Antimicrobial Agents in Polymeric of Hydrophobic Materials


  • Antibacterial Activity Assessment of Textile materials: Agar Plate Method

AATCC174: Part 1

  • Antimicrobial Activity Assessment of New Carpets: Qualitative: Single Streak Method

AATCC174: Part 2

  • Antimicrobial Activity Assessment of New Carpets: Quantitative

ASTM E3160

  • Quantitative Evaluation of the Antibacterial Properties of Porous Antibacterial Treated Articles

Laundering Options

  • Repeated Laundering Procedure: Dedicated Washer/Dryer Pair
  • AATCC 150: Repeated Home Laundering (Automated Washer) with AATCC Liquid Detergent w/o Brighteners



antimicrobial testing