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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What address should I ship my samples for testing?
Ship all testing to:
Manufacturing Solutions Center
301 Conover Station SE
Conover, NC 28613
How do you get to Manufacturing Solutions Center?
Is this where I can sign up for Hosiery 101/102?
Hosiery 101/102 is offered at Manufacturing Solutions Center a few times a year. Please click on Hosiery Class information to sign up or learn more about the next class.
Is there a way to get results faster?
Yes, we offer Express Testing! If testing permits, some methods can be performed in two business days or less and Antimicrobial testing can be performed in five business days or less. The Express Testing fee is double the testing cost.
Can my samples be returned to me after testing is complete?
Of course, there are three ways for you to get your samples back. If you are local, you can come by and pick them up. Or we can ship them to you using your Carrier Account number. Or we can ship them to you and add the shipping cost to your bill. Please understand that almost all of textile testing is destructive in one way or another. More than likely there will be some sort of change to your returned samples.
How long do you keep samples in storage?
We keep all samples in storage for six months. Flammability samples are kept for three years, following the requirements of the CPSC.
How do I know how many samples are needed for testing?
On the Test Package Request Form you will see a column labeled Amount of Fabric/Garments to Send. This column gives the amount needed.
I cannot seem to find a test method I am looking for?
Our testing capabilities grow continually. If you have a test requirement you do not see listed, please call Shane Lynch at 828-327-7000 ext 4146 or email him at slynch@manufacturingsolutionscenter.org
Why is my invoice from Catawba Valley Community College?
Manufacturing Solution Center is a division of Catawba Valley Community College. So all invoicing and billing come from Catawba Valley Community College.
What is the turnaround time for testing?
Our normal turnaround time for physical testing is five business days. Antimicrobial testing's turnaround time is ten business days. An estimated completion time will be given for any long-term projects.
Does Manufacturing Solutions Center have any accredited tests?
Yes, click here for a complete list of our accredited ISO/IEC 17025 tests.
Why do I need to send 3 samples/1 yard of fabric for testing?
We test multiple samples for repeatability, you will receive the results from the three samples and an average on the test report.


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