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Pill and Snag Testing
Do you have questions about pill and snag testing? Contact Jodi Geis at 828-327-7000 ext 4115
Ready to send your samples? Fill out and return a Test Package Request Form in PDF or Excel along with them!

Pill and Snag Tests Available:

ASTM D3512/D3512M

  • Pilling Resistance - Fabrics Thicker Than 3mm
  • Random Tumble Pill Tester at 30 minutes

CAN/CGSB-4.2 No. 51.2-M87

  • Pilling Resistance - Random Tumble Pilling tester at 30 minutes and 60 minutes
  • Random Tumble Pill Tester at 30 minutes

ASTM D4970/D4970M

  • Pilling Resistance - Fabrics Less Than 3mm (Martindale Tester)
  • Original state or after laundering

ISO 12945-1: 2000

  • Pilling Resistance: ICI Pill Box Method
  • 2 hour run time

CAN/CGSB-4.2 No. 51.1-95

  • Pilling Resistance: Rotating Box Method
  • 10 hour run time

ASTM D3511

  • Brush Pilling: Pilling Resistance

ASTM D3939/D3939M

  • Snagging: ABC Tester

BS 8479

  • Snagging: Snagpod Tester